Cerebral/Somatic Oximetry

The INVOS™ system provides clinicians with reliable, timely, and actionable monitoring to help avoid adverse events and improve patient care and outcomes.


The Clinical Standard in Regional Oximetry

The INVOS™ system is the only cerebral/somatic oximetry system with FDA cleared improved outcome claims.

The INVOS™ system provides real-time monitoring of changes in regional oxygen saturation (rSO2) of blood in the brain or other body tissues beneath the sensor for effective oxygen monitoring in adults, children, infants and neonates.

This unique system allows clinicians to measure site-specific oxygen levels rather than requiring them to infer the data from systemic, whole body measures such as blood pressure and pulse oximetry. Available in two or four data channels, clinicians can conveniently monitor multiple brain and body areas.

INVOS™ 5100C Cerebral/Somatic Oximeter Features


  • Monitors the stability of cerebral and peripheral circulations in a noninvasive, real-time way
  • Leverages associations between cerebral and peripheral circulations to better manage care; i.e. whether the periphery appears to be shunting blood flow to preserve the brain
  • Helps clinicians determine whether vascular beds surrounding vital organ areas are adequately perfused
  • Helps clinicians more closely identify and manage regional oxygenation issues in the O.R., PICU, NICU and/or cardiac catheter lab
  • Helps clinicians obtain objective data noninvasively for decision making
  • Intended for patients of any age or weight; with tailored sensors for adults, children, infants and neonates