SoftStyle Ultra

Softstyle Ultra is a blood glocose monitoring system that helps keep track of your blood glucose levels both for self-testing or professional use.


Why Softstyle Ultra?

Large screen Display

 Softstyle ultra has a  modern design and a large screen with oversize numbers that are easy to read.  A  large display makes it easier for children to learn how to test.


Softstyle can keep upto 960 records ith time and date

Size and friendliness

Softstyle comes in a handy size of 54x93x16mm and is easy to use and weighs only 53g(with battery) .

Blood Sample Size

Needs only 0.6µL blood sample volume therefore less pain.

Time to read out

Softstyle displays in only 6 seconds. No strip code required every time you test, its automatic.