Vital Signs Monitor

U.Vital is a multi parameter patient monitoring of SPo2, heart rate and NIBP for professional use

Features and Specifications

Multi parameter patient monitoring for professional use:

  • Spot check and continuous monitoring
  • Audible and visible alarms; adjustable for use in continuous monitoring
  • Compact and portable with built-in rechargeable battery
  • Adult, pediatric and neonates settings for a wide range of patients
  • Multiple accessories for adults, children and neonates
  • Inclusive adult fingertip SpO2 probe, NIBP cuff adult

Used for monitoring of

  • SpO2: oxygen level of the arterial blood, a non-invasive check of the respiratory system
  • Heart rate: continuous monitoring of heart function
  • NIBP: Systolic pressure, diastolic pressure

Suitable for outpatient clinics, health posts, doctor's office, emergency room, ambulance, intensive care, operating room, sleep clinic, intermediate care.

 Accessories include;

  • Digital 5-pin extension cable (requested for all SpO2 probes)
  • Adult soft tip SpO2 probe
  • Pediatric fingertip SpO2 probe
  • Several NIBP cuffs for the use for neonatals to adult thighs