Medical Refrigerators

MD series Medical Refrigerators are manufactured for the safety storage drugs, vaccines, pharmaceutical and medical products under the ideal conditions with their wide programmable temperature range and advanced alarm system.


Heat sensitive drugs, vaccines, pharmaceutical and medical products should be stored in cold environment and those products need stable storage conditions which cannot be guaranteed by an ordinary refrigerator.
The MD Series Medical Refrigerators are specifically designed to optimize the storage of those valued products. Their rugged construction in stainless steel is combined with high density polyurethane insulation and efficient cooling and fast temperature recovery after door opening optimize the storage conditions.
High technology is combined with practical advantages. Perfect for viewing the stock, the triple glass door window has anti-fogging inner glass for top visibility while the external glass prevents ingress of degrading UV light. Switchable inner lights assist with viewing of the contents.
The MD Series Medical Refrigerators are powered by N-SmArt™ which has internal memory storing temperatures records up to ten years with one hour intervals as digitally and graphically. By means of NuveCloser™ software, The MD Series Medical Refrigerators can be controlled via internet. Sample safety is given top priority with audible, visual, open door and optional NuveWarn™ remote alarm system, plus an optional AlerText™ text message to multiple mobile phones. Sending e-mail up to five e-mail addresses in case of any failure is offered as standard Alarms are independently powered by a permanently recharged battery. The units can be placed in corridors as the door, power switch and optional chart recorder are all key lock protected.