Climatic Test Cabinet

The ID 300 climatic test cabinet (290 L) is the ideal partner when carrying out stability testing, ageing and storage tests. Particularly rugged, it can withstand dramatic changes in temperature and recovery times are rapid. Movable probes assure that collected data comes directly from the samples themselves.

Features & Specifications

Ideal design for the tests at different climatic conditions and stability, artificial aging and storage tests in industries such as electronic, automobile, automobile c omponents, aircraft and aviation, chemical, plastic, textile, pharmaceutical, construction material, food, packaging and military equipment.

Perfect sample observation is guaranteed through the quintuple glass window with heating against condensation. Providing the ultimate in insulation, injected foam and aluminium panels are combined with glass wool; the door is fitted with double seals.

A graphics display and multi-function controller respond to most needs. For maximum capabilities, NüveClimate™ control software and data connection allow PC management. Up to four Pt 100 temperature probes can be sited anywhere in the chamber with display of these critical measurements.

Featured include:

  • Useful volume : 290 liters.
  • Wide range of temperature control :- 40°C /+ 150°C.
  • Programmable humidity range: 15 % - 98 % Rh 
      (Between 10°C / 90°C)
  • Door mounted state-of-art programmable microprocessor control system.
  • Ten program memories. 
  • Programmable 9 step for temperature and humidity.
  • Programmable altitude to calculate the right humidity value according to psychrometric formula.
  • User friendly control panel including 128x64 pixel display.
  • Stainless steel chamber.
  • Ø80 mm access part on the right side.
  • Triple insulation consisting of high density injected polyurethane, glass wool and aluminum layer.
  • Heated door window with quintuple glass for perfect insulation.  
  • Interior lighting.
  • Producing humidity by dew - point bath.
  • Humidity measurement according to psychrometric diagram by means of the dry and wet bulb temperature.
  • Self - diagnostic system for possible failures.
  • Adjustable electronic safety thermostat.
  • Possibility of connecting four pieces of PT 100 thermocouples to measure any four points in the chamber.
  •   32 kb standard, 256 kb optional memory.
  • Outlet for printer connection to print current or stored programs.
  • Optional NüveClimate software program for control via computer.
  • CFC-free refrigerant and insulation.