Kidney Health Matters This World Kidney Day

Kidney disease is a non-communicable(NCD) which currently affecfs around 850 million people worldwide. Kidney disease can be prevented and its progression to endstage kidney failure can also be delayed with early treatment. It is important to have regular testing as it helps in identifying a kidney disease in very early stages making it possible to halt the progress of the disease.

First of all, you need to know the group of people who are at a higher risk of the kidney diseases. They include;
  1. People with high blood pressure.
  2. People with diabetes.  
  3. People with a family history of kidney disease or kidney failure.
  4. People with a heart disease.

The above group of people should have regular kidney function tests done,  it will hep identify any problem in the kidney early.

There are also medical conditions that can cause kidney disease e.g Severe malaria, urinary tract infections, dehydration, gastro-enteritis, sickle cell disease, cancers etc
The above conditions should be managed to prevent kidney failure/disease/injury


They are simple procedures that use either urine or blood to identify issues in the kidney by measuring different aspect of kidney functions.

They include;
  1. Urine analysis.
  2. Blood for electrolytes urea and creatinine.
  3. Ultrasound- identify changes in the shape or position of the kidneys. It also checks for tumours or blockages e.g kidney stones.
  4. CT Scan- identifying any structural changes or  kidney deformities.

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